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  • Attorney Isaac Thorp - Thorp Law, Raleigh NC

  • Our legal industry is going through an interesting phase.  More than ever, consumers are shopping, dating and now searching online for answers related to their legal issues.  This leads to opportunities for attorneys to engage with prospecting clients and educate them since given the large amount of bad information available.  Aside from establishing credibility through profile/bio videos, attorneys are taking advantage of video to have client testimonials and also to share knowledge and share trade “tips” that are helpful to the public.  These videos are ideal for posting on websites and sharing on social media and other platforms. 

    Video production for the legal industry is only going to grow.  The question is whether or not you will take advantage of this powerful tool.


  • CLIENT: DeLeon Law Group, Raleigh NC

  • CLIENT: Thorp Law, Raleigh NC

  • SAMPLE: Family Law Commercial

  • SAMPLE: Personal Injury Commercial   

  • CLIENT: Thorp Law, Raleigh NC

  • CLIENT: Thorp Law, Raleigh NC