• Profile Videos Raleigh Triangle

  • Profile videos are 2 to 3 minute vignettes that highlight an individual or a company’s story.  It is the ultimate video introduction of who you are, what you do, solutions you provide and what makes you unique.  These powerful storytelling pieces are usually “interview based” with additional footage that compliments the narration that is told by one or more individuals.

    This is by far one of our specialties.  Why?  Because we’re able to craft unique stories that are emotionally appealing that bring the absolute best of people in front of the camera.  Viewers can see, hear and feel what is right in front of their eyes.  Profile videos enable our clients to create a strong bond and establish credibility with potential customers and clients, increasing their engagement and client conversion.  These videos are the ultimate professional video introduction that sets you apart from your competitors.  

    View some of our profile videos below.