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    BSA Culture Video & Client Testimonial

    CLIENT: SallyAnn Hulick - Chief Marketing Officer

    BSA - National Architecture Firm

  • How can Architecture, Engineering and Construction companies use video? Find out...

  • Architecture and Engineering firms as well as Construction companies design and build facilities and provide services that go beyond brick and mortar.  In many instances, the solutions they provide drastically change they way people conduct business within the four walls of these buildings from their design to the introduction of new products and technologies that improve people's lives. 

    Many times the challenge our clients have is "telling their story" in an engaging and informative way so that it allows them to showcase what they do as well stand-out from the crowd.  Our approach is to discover what makes our clients unique and how their solutions improve people's lives.  Then we craft the message and the way we will present it through video to their specific target audiences.  Sometimes the solution is an "About Us" corporate video, a "Culture" video that can be used for recruitment of talent, and at times "Project Testimonial" videos.  We have also produced launch videos that introduce a new service or product into the market.



  • CLIENT: BSA - National Architecture Firm

    PROJECT: "About Us" / Corporate Profile

  • CLIENT: BSA - National Architecture Firm

    PROJECT: "Purdue University" WALC Story

  • CLIENT: UMS, Raleigh NC

    PROJECT: "Norwood Client Testimonial"

  • CLIENT: UMS, Raleigh NC

    PROJECT: "Project Planning" Video

  • CLIENT: Henry Company, El Segundo CA

    PROJECT: "BlueskinVP100" Product Commercial

  • CLIENT: Covenant Roofing, Raleigh NC

    PROJECT: "About Us" / Professional Profile

  • CLIENT: UMS, Raleigh NC

    PROJECT: "About Us" Corporate Profile

  • CLIENT: UMS, Raleigh NC

    PROJECT: "City of Thibodaux Client Testimonial"