• When you shoot a photo or video, do you ever struggle with a bright and overexposed background or a subject that is too dark?  Want to learn a few tips and tricks?

    Here are a few basic Lighting tips and tricks.

     TIP #1 –Find a window and change exposure to brighten

    Avoid shooting directly against windows in the background. Cameras with auto settings will adjust to the brightest part of the image, so if your subject is standing in front of a bright window, he might end up very dark.  

     TIP #2 – Add lights on subject. Conference room

    Try adding a soft light in front of your subject to eliminate shadows created by ceiling lights.  

    TIP #3 – Add backlight on same subject

    Adding or using a soft source of light behind your subject can help create a nice “silhouette” that will allow your subject stand-out from the background.

    Beware of your lighting sources and use them to your advantage. Lighting can be very difficult to manage, so don’t expect to master it right away.

    For more tips and tricks visit check our Video Tips & Tricks Page here, and while there, make sure to check some of our projects. 

  • Brios Tips & Tricks - Basic Lighting

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