• This month, we interviewed Dr. Sherri Raley and Dr. Katie Chenkus of Vitality Chiropractic in Wake Forest. Vitality Chiropractic is a full-service chiropractic facility with extensive experience treating children and pregnant women.
    Brios Media: What are some examples of health issues where chiropractic care can make a difference, that most people might not guess?
    Dr. Sherri Raley: One of the biggest issues we find relate to digestion. If the nervous system is in a stressed-out state, it can put you into "fight or flight" mode, which can interfere with the digestive system. We like to get the nervous system balanced, because the nervous system affects every system in the body.
    Dr. Katie Chenkus: Sleep issues are another reason why people often seek out chiropractic care. A healthy nervous system can promote rest and help patients get a good night's sleep. It can also make a difference in terms of overall energy level, as well as mental clarity and focus.
    BM: How do the chiropractic needs of children differ from those of adults? 
    SR: A couple of isses are "tongue-tie" (known as ankyloglossia), where the tongue cannot move freely during nursing. It is also common for infants to exhibit latching issues. We find that tongue-tie tends to be overdiagnosed, often because of a dsyfunction in the jaw or spine. The cranium can limits the motion of the jaw or palate. We adjust the cranium and jaw, and this adjustment allows the infant to nurse normally.
    BM: Are there any long-term benefits of having the cranium of jaw adjusted during infancy?
    SR: Yes, we sometimes see adults who complain of chronic headaches, and it's not uncommon for them to report that they were not able to nurse as infants.
    BM: What else do you feel is unique about your approach to chiropractic care?
    SR: We are pediatric certified chiropractors; not many chiropractors are specifically trained in that area. We've taken an additional 200 hours of training to learn about the unique chiropractic needs of pregnant women and young children.
    KC: We really individualize care for our patients. We really listen to their goals and what they are looking for. We personalize our care and recommendations. We feel that we are very patient-focused in our approach.
    Watch Vitality's Profile video, a Client testimonial and one of their Tip videos below!
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