• Beyond the Video - Susan Sykes

    September 27, 2017
    Beyond the Video - Susan Sykes

    This month, we interviewed Susan Sykes, owner of Sandler Training by Sales Matters, Inc in Raleigh, NC. Sales Matters is a training company that educates salespeople and sales leaders on proven, systematic methods for creating customer relationships and empowering business development professionals [...]

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    Featured Project of September

    Doing testimonial videos for ROI Revolution really means telling these incredible and diverse stories that highlight what each company does best. From a marketing perspective, Mavi Jeans has been in the market of making quality style denim and consistently shows how their looks and products bring [...]

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    Juan Carlos Briceno - Beyond the Video

    This month, we interviewed Juan Carlos Briceno, professional portrait photographer with The Modern Portrait Studio.   Brios Media:How have you used the videos that Brios Media produced for you? Juan Carlos Briceno: First of all, let me say that the video production is outstanding. We are [...]

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    Featured Project of August

    From gardening to decorations, companies that use video production need to show their people and work combined. Plow and Hearth has the full experience for customers that are looking for fanciful and whimsical pieces of decoration for their garden and house. We got the fortune of visiting the home [...]

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    Marcey Rader - How health and productivity changed my life!

    This month, we interviewed productivity expert, speaker, and author Marcey Rader. We enjoyed working with Marcey to edit her course content videos and produce her "quick tip" marketing videos.   Brios Media: What made you decide to get into this business? Marcey Rader: My background is in both [...]

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    Featured Project of July - GV Commerce

    Video Production Companies often face the opportunity to encounter mass operations in the Raleigh Triangle Area. When it comes to mass-operations and development of innovative business solutions, this Golf wholesaler is on tracks for significant unique qualities. GV Commerce has established itself [...]

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