• City Club Members Speak - a Mini-Documentary

    We had a chance to produce a short documentary for City Club Raleigh. We interviewed some of their members and found that documentaries can be valuable for many other aspects. Here are three ways you can use a documentary:

     1. Explain a process: Whether it’s “Steps to developing a project or a trip” or even showing how a certain product is made from start to finish. A documentary encapsulates the process into a more heart warming story. Since a documentary documents different moments of a certain process or trip then placing those things together in a story format will be just a matter of presentation. Work with what you have. Don’t look for a story outside of the one you are already doing within your company.

     2. Remember a story: Re-live a company’s foundation. Find out how things were once in your company and how that story has to do with how your company is working today. It’s important that history becomes a conversation that does not limit itself to a certain outlook that excludes where your company is stepping into today. A documentary can help see a company from it’s fruition to how people are active participants into the dynamics and life, history and culture of the company.

     3. Show a people’s impact on a location: People have an impact on people. Ultimately our choices are not exclusive to what we think. We are connected, and belong to one another. If your documentary speaks into the current relationships, then people can have a perspective about them that will allow for their lives to be seen, valued and included in what your company is doing. Your culture will come out, whether it’s good or bad, when you look at stories. Don’t be afraid. If you see things you didn’t know were a part of your company, you can use a documentary to address the places where people are not being seen.