• SharkDreams is a digital healthcare company redefining the way patient health is monitored. They combine the software and hardware technology with cloud-based data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities. 

    Their goal is to be the leading providers of Advanced Digital Clinics, meeting their needs to help provide quality care for patients. They have developed unique products and software, which will allow Patients, Doctors, Pharmacists and Caregivers to communicate with patients effectively, securely, efficiently and instantly. Their innovative devices monitor and motivate patients to maintain compliance and share the progress with Patients, Doctors, Pharmacists and Caregivers as needed with secure standards.

    LIVIT is more than a device, patch, and an app. It’s a new approach to virtual care. It’s a digital clinic that lets you and your healthcare providers see your medication use and health data instantly, continuously, and in real time. So you can make better, more informed decisions. Together.