Alliance of Disability Advocates (ADA)

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The Alliance of Disability Advocates (ADA) strives to enable people with disabilities to fully participate in their communities without boundaries.  The organization operates in the Raleigh-Durham and surrounding area.

One of ADA’s most successful programs is the Travel Training Program – a one on one training program that instructs people with disabilities on how to independently use public transportation in the Raleigh-Durham area.  The challenge with this project was to create a 5 video series that had very little existing written information.

Our writer (David Chatham) was a crucial element on this project as we met several times with both ADA’s team as well as Go Triangle’s team to outline details of the process, and how a person with disability could learn how to use public transportation without an instructor being present.  

A lot of attention was put into the language used so that it would be clear and applicable to the end users.  Once each script was developed and approved, we created a shot list and basic story boards that would function as blueprints for our filming.  We then planned our main shooting date based on the availability of the Go Triangle’s bus and driver as well as volunteers. And the weather couldn’t have been more perfect!  Following the success of this project we were asked to create a Spanish version of the travel training videos. And thanks to the talented Jessica Coscia, the Spanish version came to life beautifully!  

This was a wonderful project that meant a lot to us. Working on a video series that will improve the quality of life for people with disabilities was a privilege. And in the process we got to meet some amazing new friends!

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