BSA – Purdue University’s WALC 

Case Study

BSA LifeStructures is an architectural and engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana with seven regional offices in the United States, including Raleigh, North Carolina.

The firm focuses on designing solutions that improve the lives of people in the healing, learning and discovery markets.

One of BSA’s communication goals, under the leadership of it’s Chief Marketing Officer, SallyAnn Hulick, is to showcase the firm’s work.  BSA understands they can leverage video to tell more compelling stories about the work they do, instead of only showing photos of buildings they designed. With that in mind, BSA has relied on us to develop a series of storytelling projects where their clients, designers and end users share how the firm’s design affects the lives of the people who work, serve and use these state of the art buildings. These videos are used by BSA to showcase their work while letting prospecting clients get a sense of what it feels like to work with the firm.  

Purdue University’s WALC (Learning Center) was a massive design project in the heart of the university’s campus. Arguably the most important building on campus, this $70Million project was one of BSA’s most challenging and exciting projects ever. Our job was to craft two videos that would tell the story of this amazing building from a “case study” as well as a “design” perspective.  After two full days of shoot, 6 interviews, massive amounts of “b-roll” and hours of fun drone footage, we had the raw materials to come home and start the editing process.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of putting together a project like this, is having different individuals tell one compelling, cohesive, and engaging story.  

1768 Heritage Center Drive, Suite #203, Wake Forest, NC 27587


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