Roses Stores

Living Room

Roses Stores is a regional discount store in the United States with its headquarters in Henderson, North Carolina. The chain has stores in fifteen states, primarily in the South.

Roses had a few challenges once when they reached out to us. They needed to upgrade their “discount store” reputation in the market while reinforcing the “value” and “variety” aspect of their offer.  The idea was to develop a digital campaign that would focus on geo-targeted video spots for social distribution.

As we worked with their marketing team, we focused on seasonal items that were strategic for the company: Outdoor (summer), Back to School (Fall), Living Room and Bedroom (Winter/Spring). Our team developed one 30 and one 15 second video spots for each of the concepts.  We scouted 2 shooting locations that would be ideal for all 4 spots and hired actors, in addition to the creative development of the story boards and scripts. The end result was a fantastic lifestyle campaign that gave the client a more “upscale” but warm and approachable look and feel. Mission accomplished!

1768 Heritage Center Drive, Suite #203, Wake Forest, NC 27587


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