RTA Annual Event Kick-Off Promo

The Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) is Wake County’s voice of regional business community on transportation.  The group has over 100 leading member companies and 26 member chambers of commerce working together to find transportation solutions that grow our economy.

In preparation for its annual meeting, RTA reached out to us with an audacious idea: to produce a unique short video that would kick-off their most important event event of the year and entertain the 1,000 participants at hand. The video would also be a collaboration with NC Courage, Raleigh’s women’s professional soccer team.  

The concept of this project involved the “Let’s Get Moving” (RTA) and the “There’s no Finish Line” (NC Courage) respective slogans.  The challenge was to combine these two very different concepts while merging transportation and soccer elements in a fun, light and inspirational way.  And since NC Courage’s soccer season was over, we would only have access to one player; the 2018 MVP Jessica McDonald.

Some additional challenges of this project were the short time we had to develop and shoot the video (less than 6 weeks) as well as the limited time and access we had to our soccer star and our RTA volunteers – all very busy professionals.

Working with RTA’s Joe Milazzo II and Natalie Griffith as well as the RTA group of volunteers and Jessica McDonald was a lot of fun. The final product shows it.  It was a huge success as it achieved the client’s goal. It was one of the most interesting, creative and fun projects in recent memory…

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