THE BIG FIX – The Movie

The Big Fix is a feature film produced by Living Word Films and Brios Media.  Shot entirely in the greater Raleigh area, this family comedy is an inspirational film about a family on the brink of collapse that find itself trapped in each other’s bodies.

Our responsibility on this project was the cinematography of the entire film.  Every single shot was designed and thought of by our team, from placement of cameras, choice of lenses, use of equipment such steady cams, sliders, cranes, lighting as well as placement and movement of actors on the set.  A lot of ground was done prior to each shooting day with hours of location scouting, storyboarding, and preparation of shot lists and diagrams.

Nothing pushes a creative team of filmmakers to the limit as a film production. It is by far the hardest and most challenging project that involves creativity, problem solving and collaboration.  And nothing is more fulfilling than seeing a film come to life on screen, inspiring and entertaining your audience!

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