Tips & Tricks

What are prime lenses? When should I use them?

Are you “Camera Shy”?  Learn a few tips to help you look and sound natural in front of the camera!

Here’s a basic lighting tip to improve you video work!

Composition of a photo or video is important.  But how about the background? 

One of the biggest objections to video is the cost.  But is it really expensive?

What is Depth of Field and how can you use it to make your videos look awesome? Find out…

So you’re interested in a professional video? How do you start? Find out…

Shoot against the sun! Yes, really – do it!

Slow Motion! How and when to use it…

Video Production does not have to be stressful. Here’s why:

Don’t you hate those narrow video images? Here’s a simple tip to fix that…

This video / photo rule is seen everywhere. Follow it and make your work more intriguing…

Color Grading: One of video production’s best kept secrets!

Jib what? This beautiful piece of equipment is one of our favorites. Find out why…

Use the Foreground

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