• In Video production after setting a lot of videos on track to create a story we must allow for rendering time. I’m actually writing this as I’m waiting for videos to render on my computer. Truth is, rendering can seem a bit pointless at times. Why? Because that means I can’t work on anything else while I’m rendering. Once I move my mouse to work on a different part of the video or a different project, our system automatically stops rendering. So I thought to myself, what does it mean to R.E.N.D.E.R., here’s what it could mean for you or your company:


    R: Reflect on the work done - To render means to wait, but waiting can have a deeper meaning if you are using that time to reflect on how much work you have accomplished in the year, semester, or even the last week. It takes the foot of the active part of our minds and allows us to simply reflect on things that have gone in the past.

    E: Expect something magnificent - After the video is done rendering, that means it is ready to be watched, showed and viewed without any delays, or “glitches” from clips that are still waiting to be processed or rendered.

    N: Navigate through your other tasks. If I’m not able to do anything about the video that is being rendered, then I can go ahead and write a new post, contact a new client, organize e-mails, or help a coworker on a project.

    D: Dedicate yourself to where it’s most important -  I find it hard to dedicate time to everything at the same time. Whether I’m with family, friends, or at work, I want to be able to be present and dedicate my time to where I’m most valued, and that’s where I’m present.

    E: Engage people around you -  It’s easy during down time to pull-up your phone and browse through endless pictures of people doing things and sharing their moments. Instead, look for moments that are right in front of you in conversations and in dialogue that creates a better connection to your neighbor or whoever you are with.

    R: Respect your own humanity -  There are many things about life we can’t control and we are not perfect. Not only understanding those, but embracing our own humanness allows us to find comfort where we are most respected by God, people and ourselves.